Meet the talent


Andrew ‘Vedius’ William Day

Hey there, my name is Andy, otherwise known as Vedius! I’ve been around competitive League of Legends for around 3 years mostly as a player, but decided to move into casting as I found more enjoyment talking about the game than actually playing it!

I’ve done some casting for a bunch of different people all over the UK and I’m really excited to cast some up and coming talent for this PGL tournament!

To keep up to date with everything I’m involved with and the PGL itself, make sure to follow my Twitter. See you Summoners on the rift.

Jackson ‘Action Jackson’ Walters

“Howdy folks, my name is Jackson ‘Action Jackson’ Walters.  I’ve been shoutcasting for a few years now, and its become my main thing in the last few months.  I cast a few different esports but League is my first love!  

I’ve worked with Andy a bunch so I’m really looking forward to bringing you guys some awesome PGL action from their studios.  

Also I’ve cast a bunch of these teams before in EU tournaments and I can already say with confidence that we’ve got some great games in store, bring it on!”